How To Help Your Kids Find Confidence and NATURALLY Destroy ADHD in 5 Minutes Without Feeling like a Failed Parent (And Avoid Crying Fits and Chaos At Bedtime.) 
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Kids and Teens Guided Meditations!  
I give you the EXACT guided meditations I use to help my children (and 1000's of others)
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you get...
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  • ​Kids Anxiety (7:21) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Nightmare (7:12) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Morning Meditation (6:02) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Spirituality (8:06) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Affirmations (7:54) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Bedtime (4:06) (Value $37)
  • ​Teens Anxiety (15:51) (Value $37)
  • ​Teens Self-Love (11:20) (Value $37)
  • ​Five-Minute Meditations (8:28) (Value $37)
  • ​Bonus! 4 Video Guides (Value $97)
  • ​Bonus! 2 PDF Posters (Value $47)
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"All I have ever wanted was the best for my kids. " 
My daughter was 4 when she first experienced anxiety, and truly, it was terrifying for me. 
When I say anxiety, I mean

  • not being able to sleep in a different room,
  • not being able to get my kids in the car without me being in there first (ya…how does that work?!), 
  • not being able to close ANY doors in the house if I was in a separate room, 
  • not being able to leave without both of my kids losing their minds, 
  • not being able to tuck my kids into bed and then leave the room,
  • …the list goes on and on.
I had no idea kids could feel so much angst, stress, and fear at such a young age. 
While it was all going on, I felt so helpless and hopeless. I was scared and worried.

“How do I help my kids?” 
“What have I done?” 
“I can’t even help myself. How will I help them?”

I didn’t know how to fix it, but I wanted to fix it! All I have ever wanted was the best for my kids.

Then I found yoga, meditation, and hypnotherapy, and during that time, something shifted, not just within me, but within my kids. 

That's when I realized, this work is not just important for our children--IT'S CRUCIAL!
Keep Reading if Your Child or Teen is Experiencing...
  • ​ Uneasiness, Stress, or Anxiety at Home or School.
  • ​ Negative Attitude and Behavior.
  • ​ Difficulty Focusing.  
  • ​ Difficulty with Bedtime Routine, Falling Asleep, Restlessness, or Nightmares.
  • ​ Depression Issues
  • ​ Lack of Confidence.
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My Story... 
I was completely caught off guard when my children's anxiety began. I had no idea kids could feel so much angst, stress, and fear at such a young age, especially coming from a safe environment and home. But, we had just moved from Idaho to Utah. From country to city. From what they knew to a completely different environment.

Suddenly, I couldn’t shut the door when I put my kids to sleep, which was completely opposite of what we did in Idaho. Back in Idaho when we transitioned Reagan into her “big girl bed” (aka out of her crib), we switched the door handle around, so we could lock her in her room. Yep, no lie. And if you ask 10 parents, I bet 8 out of 10 of them have done the same thing! HAHA!!

We were teaching her, or trying to teach her, to stay in her bed at night. After prayers, a book, a song, tucking in, and a huge routine, she didn’t care that we shut the door. There was never any kind of intense crying or screaming out of terror because she was in a room alone with the door closed.

So, imagine their surprise when we moved and took our kids from their safe place and put them in a room together. (Baylor was 2, and he moved from a crib in Idaho to the bottom of the bunkbed with Reagan in Utah.) We had completely blindsided them with an entirely new life. Side note…Baylor and Reagan's new room was right next to ours in our rental house when we moved to Utah, but that didn’t matter.

Honestly, if I had known the move was going to cause them that much anxiety, I probably wouldn’t have moved, but everything happens for a reason, right? 

Never fear. This story has a happy ending, but if I'm being honest, I didn't think it would be so hard for me to write about my children's struggle with anxiety.

I can still feel the guilt as my fingers graze the keyboard. And maybe subconsciously this was my drive to find my own journey because what makes this story even worse was I was battling my own demons as well.This all happened during the same time my blogging career started to take off, and I wasn’t eating, I was abusing prescription meds, and I was dealing with body dysmorphia. I was in my own anxiety hell, if you will.  

I was scared and worried. I felt hopeless and helpless, yet guilty that I had caused this: "What have I done? I can't even help myself. How will I help them?"

As the days went on, I noticed little things that would trigger them. I started to change a few things, and that helped subside the anxiety for a bit.We even bought a king-sized bed so they could sleep with us. I just wanted them to feel safe.  

But nothing I did really ever helped them, or at least taught them how to cope. If anything, I was coddling them. Protecting them. Not giving them the coping skills or options they needed when the fear crept in. I was pretty convinced that Jeff and I were never going to be able to leave them at the same time.

“Can’t you just calm down?!”That’s how I would handle their anxiety. “Stop crying. You don’t have to freak out! Why are you freaking out?!”

Then I found yoga, meditation, and hypnotherapy, and during that time, something shifted, not just within me, but within my kids.
I didn’t see them as broken anymore. I didn’t see their anxiety as a burden. 

Instead of yelling, I knelt down to them, and I asked them to tell me their pain, to explain to me how they felt. 
I read books and listened to podcasts. Jeff and I wanted to open the wound, air it out, and allow it to heal, instead of just wrapping more and more bandages around it.

It was so simple.
They just needed what I did.
They needed to know they weren’t broken.
They needed to know they could heal themselves.
They needed to learn how to affirm themselves.
They needed to know they were enough.
They needed to know they were safe.
They needed to know how to breathe.

I start with affirmations. First at nighttime. Then, we would recite them as they ran out the door for school. 

Then came the breathing.

Baylor’s struggles were different.He was busy and “crazy” and really hard to wrangle. How could I parent him and help him without yelling at him: “STOP! CALM DOWN! SIT DOWN! GET YOUR SHOES ON! JUST RELAX BAYLOR!”

That’s when the breathing came in.I knelt down and just started to breathe with him. 

One day--I will never forget it--Baylor, my busy child, watched me sitting in stillness while meditating, and he sat next to me in stillness.
He placed his thumb and pointer finger together and closed his eyes and sat.Okay, only for 30 seconds, but if you knew my Baylor, you would know, that was a huge feat! Tears rolled down my cheeks as I listened to his inhales and exhales.  

This work is important, but it’s not just important for our children: it is CRUCIAL.

It must be done.

Reagan is now 8, and Baylor is now 6.They still have their struggles. Reagan has anxiety attacks. She has irrational thoughts because a neighbor kid told her that people die at night or because she watched COCO, and now she thinks we will all get poisoned with our food. 

Don’t you remember as a child having irrational thoughts? Now imagine having them with deep, gut-wrenching anxiety…it can be completely debilitating for your child…but not anymore!  

They have tools. THESE meditations and breathing exercises are the tools!!

You want to help your children, but you don't know where to start...
Not anymore! 

I used to feel the same way. I felt hopeless and helpless. I felt alone. I felt like I had messed up as a parent. I just wanted to fix things, fix my children.

I get it! 

You want to help heal your children, to remove their anxiety, to give them peace and happiness, but you don't what to do. 

You aren't alone! 

You can help your children! 

They aren't broken. 

You are an amazing parent, and you are here, considering meditation, because you care!

How can I access the meditations?
After you purchase the meditations send a link that will have all the download and streaming links for the audio. You can play them off your computer or load them onto your phone through itunes, spotify or any audio program that allows mp3's!

How long will I have access to the course?
When you purchase these meditations, you will have lifetime access! 

When is the best time to use the meditations? 
You can use it on the drive to school, before bed, there isn't a wrong time to use them to benefit your kids! 

What if the meditations are just not for me?
I offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the course, I will give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose!

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you get...
  • ​Kids Anxiety (7:21) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Nightmare (7:12) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Morning Meditation (6:02) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Spirituality (8:06) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Affirmations (7:54) (Value $37)
  • ​Kids Bedtime (4:06) (Value $37)
  • ​Teens Anxiety (15:51) (Value $37)
  • ​Teens Self-Love (11:20) (Value $37)
  • ​Five-Minute Meditations (8:28) (Value $37)
  • ​Bonus! 4 Video Guides (Value $97)
  • ​Bonus! 2 PDF Posters (Value $47)
Total Value: $447 
Limited-Time Special Price: Only $37!
Click Play to Listen to a sample!
  What you get!  
  • ​Kids Anxiety (7:21)
  • ​Kids Nightmare (7:12)
  • ​Kids Morning Meditation (5:40)
  • ​Kids Spirituality (8:06)
  • ​Kids Affirmations (7:54)
  • ​Kids Bedtime (4:06)
  • Teen Anxiety (15:51) 
  • Teen Self-Love (11:20)
  • ​Five Minute Meditations (8:28)
  • ​Bonus! 4 Meditation Video Guides
  • ​Bonus! 2 PDF Posters
  • ​Instant Download Mp3 Files or you can Stream them from any device instantly!
  • ​ Works with: itunes 
  • ​Google Phones
  • ​Spotify Premium
  • ​Any MP3 Device!
   Money Back Guarantee 
  • ​If the meditations don't work for you, no problem! Your satifaction or your money back! 
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