Simply Mindful
15 Audio Guided Meditations to Start You on Your Journey towards Mindfullness 
These 15 Audio guided meditations will help you find mindfulness: Mindfulness amidst the madness of daily life. Mindfulness amidst the chatter in your brain. Mindfulness to reconnect you to you! 

From morning intentions, to depression, and even kid meditation, you can meditate to my voice with beautiful soothing music. Find a quiet place, a comfortable seat, and leave the rest up to me. 🧘🎧

Mental Roadblocks Bundle 
(VALUE $49)
  •  Freeing Yourself from Fear (17:21)
  •  Anxiety (18:33)
  •  Depression (18:19)
  •  Weight Loss (16:09)
Self Awareness / Love Bundle 
(VALUE $49)
  •  Finding Self Love (21:16)
  •  Manifesting (16:15)
  •  Morning Intention (12:42)
  •  Prepping for Something Big (10:15)
Meditation for the Whole Family 
(VALUE $39)
  •  Kids Affirmations (7:54)
  •  Kids Bedtime (4:06)
  •  Sunday Spiritual (10:06)
  •  5 Minute Meditations (8:10)
Gratitude and Relaxation Bundle 
(VALUE $39)
  •  Night Time Gratitude (21:16)
  •  Night Time Relaxation (8:08)
  •  Chakra Affirmations (14:42)
Bonus #1! 4 Simply Sadie Jane Meditation Training Videos
(VALUE $20)
Bonus #2! Exclusive PDF's!
Benefits of Meditation and 
How to Meditate PDF's! 
(VALUE $25)
**Over 3 Hours of Audio-Guided Meditations plus training videos & downloadable PDF's.**  
If bought separately, over $221 Value.  

Total Value: $221
When I was struggling with my self-worth-like when it was really, really bad--I was grasping for anything around me to bring me happiness. I had worked for 2 years to lose 80 pounds. I had 2 healthy kids and a husband who loved me, yet I couldn’t find anything to bring me true happiness. It was as if I was in a tornado of emotions. I knew I should be happy and joyful because I was so blessed, but when I woke up in the morning, I felt anxious and depressed. If family issues were discussed or something wrong or difficult was brought up, I couldn’t handle it emotionally. I wasn’t willing to work through emotions or difficult things. I was confused, and I felt so alone. 

In one of my very first yoga classes, there was a moment after a really difficult physical portion of class when the teacher had us sit in stillness. He talked about meditation and what that actually was. Up until that point in my life, I think the only times I sat in stillness were to say a prayer or fall asleep. 

It was beyond difficult. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for me to sit with my thoughts. Or just sit and not move. To see one thought at a time and allow it to go away and focus back on my breath or the music. It was dumb. I didn’t have time for stillness. What was the point? 

Even with my negativity, with each yoga class, I committed to meditation. I think it was my competitive side. I didn’t want to disappoint the teacher and be the only one in class that moved. 
Each time something different would happen, things would shift, and my mind would start communicating with me. It was scary. Talk about vulnerability on another level. I wasn’t able to run away from the past or my thoughts. And yet instead of running, sitting with the thoughts and trusting myself to allow those memories to release was easily the most therapeutic thing I’ve ever done. For the first 3-6 months, I think I just cried and let the tears fall during the entire 3- , 5-, or 15-minute meditation...but over time evolution happened. Your stillness changes you! It changes everything you’ve known! It was finally possible to talk with myself. To finally say, I see you, Sadie! I see you, and I know you have the courage to see yourself, to see that you have everything within you! Already! Right now. You can do this. You can fight. I pushed through my depression, anxiety, childhood memories, even my body dysmorphia disorder. 

It’s possible, and important, and I promise if you put in the work (because meditation is some of the hardest mental work you will do), you will see your life begin to change. 
Meditation can
  • Reduce Stress 
  • Improve Memory 
  •  Decrease Anxiety
  •  Increase Creativity
  •  Create Awareness
  •  Help Process Emotions
  •  Increase Productivity
  •  Increase Happiness
Click "Play" to listen to a sample of "Freeing Yourself from Fear"
15 Audio Guided Meditations Included!
Over 3 Hours Running Time! 🎧
  •  01 Freeing Yourself from Fear (17:21)
  •  02 Finding Self Love (21:16)
  •  03 Morning Intention (12:42)
  •  04 Manifesting (16:15)
  •  05 Night Time Gratitude (8:21)
  •  06 Night Time Relaxation (8:08)
  •  07 Anxiety (18:33)
  •  08 Depression (18:19)
  •  09 Weight Loss (16:09)
  •  10 Sunday Spiritual (10:06)
  •  11 Prepping for Something Big (10:15)
  •  12 Kids' Affirmations (7:54)
  •  13 Kids' Bedtime (4:06)
  •  14 Chakra Affirmations (14:42)
  •  15 5-Minute Meditation (8:10)
  •  Bonus! 4 Simply Sadie Jane Meditation Training Videos
  •  Bonus! Exclusive SSJ Meditation PDF Guides!  
"I absolutely loved Sadie's Incredible Guided Meditations. I immediately felt connected, grounded, loved, and at peace with myself as I listened to the calming music and as her soothing voice guided me through different meditations. She lovingly takes you to a very nurturing and safe place that words cannot describe!" - Jess
"Meditations has helped me become a more deliberate mother, a more organized business owner, and a more centered person spiritually. It is everything that I have been looking for and have been unable to find!! These meditations are for everyone, whether you are a beginning meditator or you are a pro. You will find something that you love about Sadie's meditations!" -Mandi
"I find that including meditation daily makes me a better wife and mother. Her words touch my soul and have helped me find true self-love. She has such a soothing voice, and the focuses she shares are exactly the thing I need to be reminded of. I am excited that children’s meditations are included, so I can share my love of meditation with my children." -Jinni 

I don’t know about you, but I am allllll about visual learning. Gimme all the graphs and illustrations and pictures! That’s why I had to include these visual guides into my meditation course. Save them to your computer, print them out, or make them the backdrop to your phone! Keep them somewhere so they can remind you how easy it can be to find stillness in the chaos of life!
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